Seasonal Sites

Pine Ridge Campground’s primary focus is to be a 100% seasonal RV site campground. We want our customers to come as guests and leave as a family each and every weekend. Our goal is to provide you with a clean, well-maintained, family-oriented campground with friendly service, where you can enjoy your leisure time in comfort.

Pine Ridge Campground recently expanded in the Summer of  2020 with 5 more additional seasonal wooded RV sites, a total of 75 RV sites in total. As of September 2020, we are at 100% capacity at our campground.  By registering today, you will have the first opportunity for a seasonal RV site for the 2021 camping season. Don’t delay join Pine Ridge Campground today!!

In the Fall of 2020, Pine Ridge Campground will be adding new RV sites. These sites will be constructed immediately when we have 7 RV sites committed with a deposit. These sites require a 2-year commitment, a total of $5,000 (2 years of an RV site lease). If you are interested in this option, let us know in the form below.

Please note, the form below is NOT for registering for daily or monthly RV sites. If interested in daily or monthly RV sites, we are currently 100% full for the 2020 camping season, and unable to take these requests.

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