Franks, Frys & Finds! Our 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt Is On!

On September 15th, 2018 Pine Ridge Campground kicked off our 2nd annual scavenger hunt at 12:00 PM. Every 15 minutes we posted five items that we require, and our campers would race through their campers to find three of those five items as quickly as possible, and meet at a designated location within the park. On the hour, every hour, we also did a bonus round, where five of ten items are required. Some of these items were a potato, a spare tire, a pot of water, a fried egg, and many more outlandish items that we could think of.

It’s funny to see everyone in the park scavenging through their cabinets & RV’s, yelling and laughing trying to find three random items. Once the pieces are located, then it’s off to the races. Campers hop on their golf carts or make a mad dash to a designated location. One camper even said, “this is the most exercise I have done all year”!

We gave out close to 20 gift bags to today’s participants! Prizes ranged from small kitchen goods to local fire department raffle tickets. It was quite a fun time, for everyone to enjoy. After the 3 hours long game, everyone was invited to our grilled hot dogs & hot out the fryer, french fries with some music. We think everyone had a great time, and we are excited to mix up the game next year.

Ps: sorry for your trashed campers from the game…